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Product Marketing at its finest.

Viel is one of our favorites brands due to its freshness, uniqueness, and inspiring style. They portray exactly what they mean to and encourages us to set challenges and surpass ourselves.

Drink Viel!

Establishing a syntony in the language of the brand with what they wanted to transmit to their clients was what made us fall in love with this project. To be able to capture in social networks an image that represents 100% the essence of VIEL is what makes us feel proud. Also, what do you think of the beautiful graphic line and the beautiful photographs that complement the brand? Fascinating. Probably you heard of Viel already, due to their exquisite products and healthy living style. This is a true sample of good branding and well-executed social media strategies. Take a look at our social media management and digital channels plan.

Viel's journey

Viel’s media strategy consisted of a redesign of layout, language and style in publications. A periodic schedule was stipulated, which brought many good results, including a percentage increase in the number of followers and the reach of its publications. Viel’s social media strategy, as well as the management of its online store, are the product of an exhaustive follow-up and market research, which led our content creators, editors, photographers and community managers to fully connect with this brand.


There are several reasons why your company should use social media marketing. If you loved Viel's case, it's time to generate great content for your brand too! Let's work together on a social media marketing strategy for your company. Increase your number of followers, improve engagement and increase conversions.

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