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The best steel trading and bending supplier in Germany!

Trebbiner Stahlgesellschaft is an established and recognized company in Deutschland that trades and bends steel. Their experience and good reputation and wide range of products and services made them a great and solid company to work with.

Trebbiner Stahlgesellschaft

The power and significance of the industry, the machinery and the steel, that’s what we see at TSG’s portayal. TSG is a German company with a long history in the steel market. They are responsible for the bending and trading of steel throughout Germany and are an important pillar in the construction and materials industry.

They have a wide range of high-performance manufacturing systems in the processing area, combined with extensive knowledge in the industry.

Working with them has brought the best possible productivity, developing for them all the digital services we have available. We are proud to recognize that TSG has the Onclas seal, and that we have both achieved results in our companies through teamwork.

Trebbiner Stahlgesellschaft's journey

TSG required the activation of all its digital channels, as well as the updating of its entire website. We developed an accurate and professional website according to the sobriety and experience of the company. We developed social media strategies that would accompany the connectivity with their clients and associates. In addition, we generated advertising campaigns and content generation to reproduce your brand throughout the German territory. In just a few months, TSG’s organic growth bore incredible fruits.


Like TSG, you can take your business to another level. Don't forget to visit our services to get a closer look at what we offer. We are a company specialized in content generation and brand digitalization, what are you waiting for to grow with us?

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