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Interior design and furnishing services

Elegant, trendy, and coziness. There’s no limit to Industrial Habitat’s taste. They provide personalized advice to create exclusive spaces, achieving a perfect balance between ideas and results. 

Industrial Habitat

Modern, timeless designs, adaptable to any space. Industrial Habitat is the best alternative for the home, office or store. Its impeccable design and quality have seduced us. The durability, the detail in their products, the functionality of their furniture; they are definitely the best option to give personality, class and elegance to spaces. Probably you heard of Viel already, due to their exquisite products and healthy living style. This is a true sample of good branding and well-executed social media strategies. Take a look at our social media management and digital channels plan.

Industrial habitat's Journey

Industrial Habitat required a website in keeping with the elegance, quality and category of its brand. We understood that what the website needed was not a simple repository of products and services, but an experience that complements the detail of their furniture.

We created this incredible website that brought us closer to the idea that Industrial Habitat is much more than a brand. It is an experience. In this web tour we proposed a diverse home to satisfy that need.

Industrial Habitat

Take a closer look at this finished product we made for Industrial Habitat, an ideal website for a wonderful brand.


Interactivity is dominating the design market today. It is a great opportunity to generate interest and enhance the user experience. At Onclas we provide this service, what are you waiting for?

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