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The best construction services in Deutschland

Due to their reliability and true service to the demand of their clients, Boermann Baukontor’s innovation and responsibility have made them one of the best construction options in Germany, participating in ambitious projects in the cities of Hamburg and Berlin.

Boermann Baukontor

Major challenges are found in the world of industry, construction and real estate. Boermann Baukontor is a bold, responsible and very professional company in terms of their work; they provide the best construction service in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg. We believe in their capabilities because of the teamwork we were able to achieve as partners. They are a company ready to face the challenges of the new world.

Boermann Baukontor's Journey

A company with great experience in the construction sector deserved a project and a digital strategy just as developed. We recreated the new version of BBK’s website to be more in line with the brand and the company’s values. We also proposed the activation of their digital platforms and social networks, achieving growth in the reach of their platforms.

Boermann Baukontor

We developed BBK’s website involving a great client feedback and reach, generating great results in terms of satisfaction.


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