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Siempre estamos en movimiento, listos para trascender y alcanzar nuevos niveles. Evolucionamos cada día, en eso consiste nuestro propósito. Buscamos inspirar a los demás y cambiar las perspectivas.


El nacimiento de nuestra empresa

Onclas es una empresa de soluciones digitales. Autoproclamada como una empresa de innovación con sede en Medellín (Colombia) cuya visión se basa en la constante evolución de sus servicios y productos. Todos los integrantes de la familia Onclas tenemos el ADN de la exploración y nunca nos quedamos quietos. Este ADN está incorporado en Onclas.


Esteban Castillo

I believe in values and knowledge as the basis of an integral human being and mostly: Happy. I'm convinced that the growth and definition of each individual contributes significantly to the improvement of our society. I'm passionate about experimenting, exploring, travelling and connecting, motivated by the desire of learning and acquire experiences, which complemented by the values of family, friends and academic training environment, have forged an extroverted, open-minded, proactive, leader and contact with people personality, assuming responsibilities and roles according to the context and time. All of this: My greatest fortune.
My contribution to this world is directed to the solution of problems and needs, transforming them into opportunities from research, creative processes, innovation management, design and development of products/services, strategically focusing the solution as a factor of improvement sustainable and profitable. All of this: What I love to do.
This perspective challenges me, but at the same time drives me to develop my capabilities to the maximum in everyday life, that's why I love what I do and who I am, and as such, I will never get tired of learning and teaching every day.


Julia Otto

I was born into a family of business owners and grew up with the spirit of entrepreneurship. I have built and helped developing businesses in different industries while I was running sucessfully our family owned construction company in Germany. Most recently I am proud to announce to be part of the Onclas team as a CFO, the next step in bringing our colombian family business to sucess. My strength is seen in strategic business leadership and financial strategies.


John Paul Londono

Early in life, I understood that an entrepreneurial mindset and a curiosity driver was in my blood. I was fascinated by how companies challenge themselves to become more successful in their environments and how they are influenced by the local culture.

My joy in digging into customers’ problems and connecting difficulties to results and products to clients have developed my sense of risk-taker and entrepreneurial thinking not only for the companies I have worked for but also for my personal endeavors and private life.


Christian Cano

Since I started working with Onclas, I discovered endless possibilities and found what I like to do the most: learning new things and improving each day. Learning something new each day is part of my daily basis. I love reading new books, investigate and listen; I am a very curious person fascinated by good stories.
I'm a graphic person, I have an established taste in illustration and branding. I lead projects that exceed the expectations of our clients. At Onclas I have discovered my true potential to materialize ideas and inspire others to achieve their goals.


Vanessa Castillo

I am a positive, motivated and passionate person. I love doing my work inspired by the service to others.
I want to apply my knowledge in different fields, in order to gain more experience, learn and challenge myself, as a person and as a professional.


Paul Fasel

Mixed media storyteller • Creative director • Branded content • Music and sound branding.

I am a creative director and storyteller, mixed media storyteller and video-sound brand designer. I work on different fronts for projects, brands, companies and creators in multiple formats from storytelling and mixed media to create web series, documentaries, podcasts, videocasts, art. performances, advertising campaigns and branded content.

My work, being a musician and sound designer, leads me very naturally to develop and produce branded content strategies, conceptual and creative editing, integrated in constant interaction with sound, music and sound design.


Álvaro Castillo

I was involved in many different engineering fields, during the last 40 years. Currently, my personal approach is focused in three life spheres: my preferred activities such as jogging, traveling, music and personal care; then, dedicating enough time to Family activities; finally the service to others and help people to find the correct way to perform a project, providing effective actions an a different point of view in order to reach the best solution.


Manuela Cuervo

Coming soon.


Ricardo Marín

It all started when, as a child, I felt excited by the first commercial I saw on TV. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to positively impacting people, creating unforgettable stories and experiences. Arriving at Onclas was the materialization of all those dreams. The opportunity to move quickly towards my constant evolution as a professional and as a person; as a dreamer. Working on what I'm passionate about is truly a pleasing experience - an opportunity to find myself, inspire others, and achieve great things.


Miguel Palencia

Coming soon.


Mateo Jaramillo

From the day I started working at ONCLAS, I was captivated by the work environment and teamwork, the time I have been working in this company has given me a lot of experience both in my work and in my life.

I am passionate about design and staying tuned about new things that can provide me with new ways of improving my knowledge. My education has been heavily focused on research and user experience, therefore I strongly believe every project needs its own thorough research and has to be thinked on the user, I am a person that is always trying to find the best solutions for any problem that might occur.

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La clave es la atención

¿La diferencia entre el astrónomo y el astronauta? El astrónomo es el que estudia las estrellas y los planetas, un astronauta es un hombre que viaja por el espacio. En ONCLAS hacemos ambas cosas, estudiamos nuestro entorno y luego viajamos a ese entorno para darle vida.

El marketing es el arte de seducir, atraer, cautivar, enamorar, conquistar y retener a los consumidores. Satisfacer las necesidades con experiencias y emociones que lleven a las marcas, empresas y productos a estar en lo más alto de su mente y corazón. Sin embargo, cuando está en línea, lo lleva al siguiente nivel, se convierte en parte de su cliente.

¿Qué estás esperando?

Obtenga un plan de marketing hoy mismo. Contamos con un amplio equipo interno y externo de empresarios, diseñadores, ingenieros, financieros, comunicadores, comercializadores y desarrolladores que pueden encargarse de su proceso online.

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