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Esteban Castillo

Chief Executive Officer

I believe in values ​​and knowledge as the basis of a integral human being and mainly: Happy. I am convinced that the growth and definition of each individual contributes significantly to the improvement of our society. I am a person who likes to know, explore, experiment and travel, motivated by the desire for knowledge and new experiences, which complemented by home values, friends and academic training environment, have forged an outgoing, open-minded, proactive personality, leader, contact with people, assuming responsibilities and positions according to the context, time and moment.

Julia Otto

Chief Financial Officer

Wir sind Ihr Partner für Betonstahl, Profilstahl und Bauzubehör. Ein breites Spektrum hochleistungsfähiger Fertigungsanlagen im Bereich der Bearbeitung kombiniert mit dem umfassenden Know-How unserer Mitarbeiter ermöglicht es, für jede Anforderung die richtige Lösung zu bieten. Unser Unternehmen liefert und verarbeitet ausschließlich nach Güteüberwachung DIN 488 produzierten und gelieferten Betonstahl aus zugelassenen Herstellerwerken. 

Christian Cano

Creative Director

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Juan Ramirez

Account Manager

Germany is my fourth home country. I enjoy exploring and interacting with different cultures. Business development and project management were two passions I found 5 years ago while I worked in the United States. I like to be a business developer because I like to create, plan, execute, identify and manage ideas which will help the company to grow, not only by increasing the income but also by reducing useless costs and optimizing processes.

Dany Vasquez

Junior Designer

Hi, I’m Dany and I was lucky to live in the best time in history. Despite the murky moments we have lived through.
Now I believe that anything is possible and that you can go very far.
I was trained with the best teachers and I finished my
Studies in Multimedia Production.
Today focused and focused on what can be done an innovation revolution
through good, new and fresh ideas, with the guidance of people